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I have been a patient at that office since 2000. First time to meet Dr. Martin and some of the new staff. Everyone was nice and friendly. I will certainly continue at a patient!
Maria C.
Dr. Martin and his staff are always friendly and care about the comfort of their patients.
Regina D.
I called at 8:00 in the morning with terrible pain and they worked me in quickly and took care of my problem. They are caring and compassionate for their patients feelings, and did everything to make me comfortable!
Vicky Z.
The hygienist was very friendly and did a wonderful job cleaning my teeth.
Donna H.
First appointment everyone was very courteous and helpful. Dr. Hull was the only dentist in town that responded to my husband’s need to have his dentures repaired. It is his shoes that Dr. Martin will have to fill, but he seems quite able to give the same caring and courteous service.
Kathy W.
Dr. Alan Martin and the GREAT staff at Waco Dental took excellent care of me from start to completion. My needs were taken care of above and beyond. I really appreciated the attention given to each step in the process. Thanks again your the best!
Ricky M.
Very prompt, friendly. It was very professional.I love it.
Judy H.
My review today is for Jodie. We had never met and she greeted me with ambitious smile and energetic desire as to "let;s get this done". She was fast but thorough. After our next appointment was scheduled she gave me a big hug. Wow that was not expected but was well received. That made up for my wait time of 15 minutes past scheduled appointment.
Richard R.
Very impressed with Dr. Martin and his updated techniques. I would rather have a rattlesnake bite me then go to the dentist. Dr. Martin made me comfortable and the tooth extraction was pain-free. I miss Dr. Jeff Hull, but Dr. Martin rocked this appointment. Thanks also to Sarah and Kim... best staff ever
Mary K.
Extremely friendly from the moment you walk in the door. Made me feel comfortable and helped me relax. The procedure was quick and painless; as painless as filling a can be. The staff was professional and wonderful walking me through the whole process.
Kassandra W.
It was great to meet Dr. Alan, He made sure I was comfortable during my filings. I really appreciate him being concerned about me. Thank You!
Samone J.
My hygienist was very friendly and competent. Thanks again!
Dick B.
I always enjoy our brief interactions when my appointment time comes. I recommend his services to anyone looking for a good dentist in Waco.
Peter H.
I have been a patient since 1996. His wonderful caring staff always treats me like family and a friend. Jeff found the right Dentist to take over his long practice. Dr. Martin is a pleasure to work with if you are an old patient or looking for a new Dentist.
Mike M.
I walk in and I don’t even have to check in. All of the staff knows me by name and remembers lots of stuff about me. The service is great and I normally do not have to wait at all to sit and wait.
Dakota C.
From the setting of the appointment to the paying of the bill all is done in an expedient And professional manner. The last three times in a row, I have arrived early and they have got me in early. If you have to go to the dentist, it’s one of the best!
Rob M.
I have been a 20+ year patient at this office, first with Dr. Hull and now with Dr. Martin; the dentists are very caring and warm. They make the patient feel comfortable and offer the option of gas with the Novocaine, which will provide the patient to be relaxed under a dental procedure. The office staff and hygienist are wonderful and personable. I highly recommend this dental office.
Ortencia R.
Excellent timely service, 99.9% pain free. Thank You. Score: 1 to 10, you get a 10!
Lee B.
Dr. Martin had a hard act to follow, ie Dr Hull But he and the staff did a great job
Dennis C.
Everyone is always friendly, helpful and smiling, and they always do a wonderful job.
Ethel J.
I always feel comfortable & part of the group. Been going for many years & have no plan to go anywhere else.
Lynda P.
The tech at my dental cleaning was great! And. Dr. Martin checked in and discussed options for care.
Carl F.
Dr. Martin did a painless root canal, very thankful for his bedside manner and skill.
Ross M.
I have been coming to this office for almost 20 years and I intend to continue for the next 20.
Ron C.
Jodie gave me the best cleaning and advice I think I’ve ever had. Dr Martin had a solution for one problem that I think will be beneficial.
Margarita G.
Everything was fine. I'll know more after my crown replacement and cavity work. Hope you guys still use laughing gas along with novacane. That was my big praise for Dr. Hull - nothing hurt.
Baxter J.
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