Oral Surgery

Waco Dental

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Oral surgery is the term used to describe any procedure that makes surgical changes to the mouth or jaw. Despite the fact that these procedures are called surgery, they can safely and effectively be performed by Dr. Martin at his Waco Dental office. There are different types of oral surgery procedures that can be performed, such as: 

  • Tooth extractions
  • Removal of impacted wisdom teeth
  • Bone grafts
  • The placement of dental implants

Did You Know?

Oral surgery was first performed by dentists during the Civil War to reconstruct the faces of soldiers injured by war.  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How will I know if I need oral surgery?

The need for oral surgery will ultimately be determined by Dr. Martin. Oral surgery is most commonly used to remove partially or fully impacted wisdom teeth, as well as to extract teeth that are severely damaged or decayed beyond restoration. Oral surgery is also used for the placement of dental implants, as well as the bone grafts to add bone tissue. 

What can I expect during oral surgery?

All oral surgery is performed with dental anesthetics and dental sedation. During your procedure, you will either be in a light or deep sleep and will likely be unaware of what is happening around you. The length of your procedure will depend upon what is being done, however most oral surgeries last about 45 minutes to 2 hours. 

What can I expect after oral surgery?

Your expectations after oral surgery will depend upon the type of procedure performed. To help your recovery process, you will be provided with post-operative guidelines that detail what to expect after surgery. In most cases, these guidelines will cover things like pain and swelling management, prescriptions or directions for medications, how to keep the treatment site clean, and what to eat.