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What Are All-on-Four Dentures?

All-on-four dentures are even more remarkable than typical implant dentures because they allow you to replace an entire row of missing teeth with only four titanium screws along your jawbone. With an all-on-four denture, you actually have the implant fused to the jawbone, which means it is a much more permanent option than a typical implant denture.

Even though the results of all-on-four denture implants are most noticeable in securing a strong and beautiful crown, this is also a proven way to reduce bone loss in your jawbone. This keeps your bone from decaying over time and prevents many other oral health issues as you age.

Graphic of how all-in-four dentures look when placed in the mouth

Did You Know?

The technology behind an implant denture allows for a more accurate and comfortable fit. Unlike traditional dentures which cover the entire roof of the mouth, implant dentures are held in place by the implants and do not require this extra material. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Are implant dentures right for me?

Implant dentures may be right for you if you have several missing teeth and are looking for a highly aesthetic and effective tooth replacement option. However, in order to have an implant denture placed, you will need to have a minimum amount of bone mass in your jaw. Therefore, you should schedule a consultation with your Waco implant dentist to determine if implant dentures are right for you. 

How are implant dentures placed?

To place implant dentures, approximately four dental implants must be placed in the jawbone first. These implants will fuse with the surrounding bone to act as an anchor to support the denture. However, be advised that it can take about 3-6 months for the implants to fuse with the bone. Therefore, you will need to follow special guidelines until the implants have healed. During this recovery period, you will have a temporary denture to maintain aesthetics, however it will not be as strong as your permanent restoration. Once the implants have healed, the permanent denture can be fabricated and placed. 

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How Can an Implant Denture be Detached?

When you have an implant-supported denture, the attachment can only be removed by Dr. Martin and you should never attempt to remove the implant yourself. These are sometimes referred to as hybrid dentures because while the implant is fixed securely to your jawbone, it is possible to have them detached by Dr. Martin to be cleaned.

One of the many benefits of hybrid dentures is that you do not have to take them out in the morning and night to properly clean your teeth. With hybrid dentures, you simply brush and floss your teeth like normal. For professional cleanings, you will need to see your Dr. Martin every six months to have them detached. If you notice any chip or damage to your dentures, it is best to call Dr. Martin right away to avoid having to go through more expensive and time-consuming repairs if the damage worsens.

How Can the Quality of Your Life Improve with an Implant Denture?

The technology behind an implant denture certainly allows for a more accurate fit to your mouth as well as a longer-lasting solution to missing teeth. However, there are many other benefits of having a permanent denture implant as opposed to a removable set of dentures.

One of the first things that you might notice feels different with an implant denture from a removable one is that there is less material in your mouth. With a removable denture, the roof of your mouth would be covered to attach the upper teeth. This extra material is not required for a permanent implant denture, which means that you will have a more comfortable fit on a daily basis. You will also have an easier time acclimating to speech with this type of fit.